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Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide (2003)
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David Astels
Dave Astels
Subject Extreme Programming; Java (Computer program language); Testen
Publication Date 10.08.2003
Format Paperback (235 mm)
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide David R. Astels Foreword by Ron Jeffries The relentlessly practical TDD guide: real problems, real solutions, real code Includes a start-to-finish project written in Java and using JUnit Introduces TDD frameworks for C++, C#/.NET, Python, VB6, and more For every developer and project manager interested test-driven development Make Test-Driven Development work for you! Test-Driven Development: A Practical Guide enables developers to write software that's simpler, leaner, more reliable... just plain better . Now, there's a TDD guide focused on real projects, real developers, real implementation challenges, and real code. Renowned agile development expert Dave Astels shows TDD at work in a start-to-finish project written in Java and using the JUnit testing framework. You'll learn how "test first" works, why it works, what obstacles you'll encounter, and how to transform TDD's promise into reality. o Relentlessly practical! Full of downloadable code examples, hands-on exercises, and a fully hyperlinked version of the "resources" appendix o Introduces powerful TDD tools and techniques--including key JUnit extensions, presented by their creators (Scott Ambler, Tim Bacon, Mike Bowler, Mike Clark, Bryan Dollery, James Newkirk, Bob Payne, Kay Pentacost, and Jens Uwe Pipka) o Covers refactoring, "programming by intention," mock objects, and much more o Discusses TDD frameworks for C++, C#/.NET, Python, VB6, Ruby, and Smalltalk o Introduces previously unpublished test-first techniques for GUI software o Contains appendices introducing eXtreme Programming and Agile Modeling o For all programmers and project managers Read this book if you're ready to write code that's clearer, more robust, and easier to extend and maintain--in short, if you're ready to write better code!
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ISBN 0131016490
Cover Price 44,99 €
Nr of Pages 592
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