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Applying Use Cases (Addison-Wesley Object Technology (Paperback)) (1998)
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Geri Schneider
Jason P. Winters
Subject Anforderungsmanagement
Publication Date 15.09.1998
Format Taschenbuch (241 mm)
Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional
A use case is an interaction between your system and an actor--a person or entity using it. So it describes how your system "looks" to the outside world. In Applying Use Cases the authors show you how use cases describe what your system should do and how each thing it does should relate to other parts of the system.

Use cases are an integral part of UML and RUP so enterprise-level programmers need to know them. They are most useful in the planning stages of large projects to provide a sanity check and a framework. The authors demonstrate the use case process with a hypothetical project to develop a new mail order company. Somewhat twee "discussions" between the fictional developers humanise the subject and provide an unusual degree of narrative tension for such an academic work.

About two thirds of the book is concerned with teaching you how use case is employed. It covers documentation, diagramming, levels of detail and the review process. There's also discussion on splitting large projects and construction/delivery of the system. In the appendices you'll find resources--books and Web sites--documentation templates, UML notation and the order processing system itself taken as far as designing graphic interfaces.

All in all, a thoroughly readable, hands on, introduction to an important and useful project design tool. --Steve Patient

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ISBN 0201309815
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